Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Recently it was on the news that Actress Gwyneth Paltrow was going to be participating in STEPs or the food stamp program to raise awareness of how little help families are expected to survive on in terms of food or groceries. Following the tweet, the women of The View decided to take part in this discussion where Whoopi Goldberg scrutinized Paltrow for not knowing what exactly went into this, and if she had questions to ask people who deal with it. Also, sharing that while she has prive ledge it's acceptable for her to feel compassionate. Rosie Perez mentions that it's hard standing in the grocery line feeling all the stares, hearing hateful comments about how you're spending the food stamps and whether or not you deserve it...

I agree partially with Whoopi Goldberg. While it is nice for Paltrow to take on this challenge, she has a lavish home, car, electricity, appliances etc etc. which a lot of folks don't necessarily have. What I have a problem with is the first mentality of shaming Paltrow for taking on something she has no experience with. Paltrow is making an effort to raise awareness folks. Like it or not, more talk has come out of this then not. My question is, that if it's unacceptable for a white Hollywood actress who has never dealt with poverty issues to raise awareness and take part of a challenge that they have no idea of the hardships, where are all the "poor black folks" who made it big, who were raised on food stamps and now athletes, actors, models, musicians, producers etc etc. Where is their campaign to help raise awareness so another black family doesn't have to go through what they did? Where are their donations to the cause? Why do we not hear about them? Aside from Oprah, I have not seen the stories of Black people donating money to causes that affected them before they made it big. Why is it such a big problem for a white girl to want to help?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Boob dilemma

I find myself hating parts of my body; parts that a lot of women could only dream of having. I'm talking about my breasts. Without going into full detail about sizes, I will just admit to having an above average set, they were "nice" to have a one point in time, but now, I'm over them. I'm over not feeling adequate enough. I wish I could take them off and hide them for a long period of time, revoke some privileges... But I can't.

I keep fighting this same battle, probably once a month or every other month (if I'm being generous) I keep finding myself in this self-deprecating situation when I get a certain email. A tracker on my husbands network, a program that notifies me of any site that is adult-rated. This week, the sites visited consisted of the newest record holder for biggest natural boob size. Very much bigger then me, I'm not jealous of them, don't get me wrong, I think that size is appalling, I just feel sickened and want to go down a few cup sizes to slightly below average.

I don't know what the solution is to this problem, I obviously can't cut them off myself, I can't afford a surgeon to remove them (and I think my husband would notice that bill...) and I don't want to keep having the same conversation, because it obviously doesn't help. I am Christian, so my only answer is prayer, but I can't bring myself to do even that right now.

I should also mention, I am almost 8 months pregnant, so naturally I am a sobbing mess.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Change in Course

Thanks for coming by and noticing my blog!

It's so weird thinking back about the way my personal lifestyle was growing up. I'm not talking about my house or neighborhood dwellings, I'm talking about my own room that I grew up in for about 18 years. Utter chaos is how I would choose to describe my room. I am embarrassed of the lack of cleanliness and regard I had and I can only blame myself. One could sign me up for the "Buried Alive" television show if that says anything- but I'll take it one step further, even if I passed the disgusting-ness test to be on that show, after the people came to clean my mess, I kid you not, my room would be back in the same situation no less then a week later. I'll spare you the specifics, but it was bad!

I met my first boyfriend when I was 21, and started caring remotely about the appearance of my room, especially since his mother had an immaculate house, that just spewed out rainbows and sunshine. The journey began... I still needed a lot of improvement but at least I had a pathway to my bed and closet formed, and no more collections of dirty dishes.

I moved out of my parents house when I was 24, I just got married (to my first boyfriend) and we rented an apartment. Things were a lot cleaner there, but not perfect... We stayed in that apartment for a year an moved to a different apartment with now, and ex-friend which we will not get into the reasons why it's an ex... Now it's been a year and a half living there, new room mates, and cats. It's spool weird looking back at how I lived and how I need things to be now. I'm expecting in July and I cringe at the dirtiness that follows these animals around. It disturbs me that I cannot walk around barefoot in my apartment- Even with sweeping twice a day and mopping once a day. I can not walk 3 feet without stepping in a: cat litter which the cat has dragged out of the box; b: cat feces which is attached to the cat litter the cat has dragged out of the box; c: cat vomit... (yes cats have hairballs, 3x a day is a little too excessive; d: cat food, they are messy eaters, and e: broken glass, from whatever got knocked over when the cats decided to jump on our counters and knock over things- they aren't very stealthy either.

My living conditions have change drastically and if you knew me back then, you are amazed at the way I strive to live now. Life is so different (or at least it should be) when you have to take responsibility for someone else, when you need to prepare a safe haven for a little helpless person. My apt. is still not perfect, due to some small bad habits of mine, but mainly from a certain couple of cats, but I'm hoping to work out the situation to where we can all live under a clean roof.

If a Tree Falls...


So, you know that old question you get in philosophy classes, "If a tree falls in aforest when no one is around, does it make a sound?" I was just thinking about this as I was driving to my parents house to do laundry (thanks mom!) and I noticed about 1/4 of the people on the road used thier blinker to signal they were turning and/or cutting you off.  Why? Why don't people use their blinker anymore? I can understand if its just one person on a deserted highway, but in the city, there is ALWAYS somebody. 

I admit I do the occasional cut-off especially with people who are driving like idiots, but 1. its not that often and 2. I use my blinker, to warn them "hey I'm cutting you off now, don't do anything stupid kay?" I am more likely to be upset if someone cuts me off with no indication, rather then them putting on their blinker.  Think about it, if they put on their blinker you have a chance to slow down or break (or if you are evil, speed up) but people who don't use thier blinker are more likely to get into or cause an accident because they are lazy and the other is ignorant (what an excellent combo!)

Anyways, the moral of this blog is Yes! using your blinker does make a sound!