Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Recently it was on the news that Actress Gwyneth Paltrow was going to be participating in STEPs or the food stamp program to raise awareness of how little help families are expected to survive on in terms of food or groceries. Following the tweet, the women of The View decided to take part in this discussion where Whoopi Goldberg scrutinized Paltrow for not knowing what exactly went into this, and if she had questions to ask people who deal with it. Also, sharing that while she has prive ledge it's acceptable for her to feel compassionate. Rosie Perez mentions that it's hard standing in the grocery line feeling all the stares, hearing hateful comments about how you're spending the food stamps and whether or not you deserve it...

I agree partially with Whoopi Goldberg. While it is nice for Paltrow to take on this challenge, she has a lavish home, car, electricity, appliances etc etc. which a lot of folks don't necessarily have. What I have a problem with is the first mentality of shaming Paltrow for taking on something she has no experience with. Paltrow is making an effort to raise awareness folks. Like it or not, more talk has come out of this then not. My question is, that if it's unacceptable for a white Hollywood actress who has never dealt with poverty issues to raise awareness and take part of a challenge that they have no idea of the hardships, where are all the "poor black folks" who made it big, who were raised on food stamps and now athletes, actors, models, musicians, producers etc etc. Where is their campaign to help raise awareness so another black family doesn't have to go through what they did? Where are their donations to the cause? Why do we not hear about them? Aside from Oprah, I have not seen the stories of Black people donating money to causes that affected them before they made it big. Why is it such a big problem for a white girl to want to help?

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